What is fear of rejection?


Fear of rejection is the:

Irrational fear that others will not accept me for who I am, what I believe, and how I act.

Pervasive motivator for caution in my behaviour and interactions with others.

State of mind that makes me incapable of doing or saying anything for fear of others’ rejection, lack of acceptance, or disapproval.

State of being of individuals who are over-dependent on the approval, recognition, or affirmation of others in order to feel good about themselves. In order to sustain personal feelings of adequacy these individuals are constantly concerned with the reactions of others to them.

Self-censoring attitude that inhibits creativity, productivity, and imagination in one’s approach.

Driving force behind many people that keeps them from being authentic human beings. They are so driven by the need for acceptance of others that they lose their own identity in the process. They mimic the ways in which others act, dress, talk, think, believe, and function. They become the three-dimensional clones of the “role models” they so desperately need to emulate in order to gain acceptance.

Underlying process in the power of “peer pressure” that grabs hold and makes people act in stereotypic, “pop” culture, counter culture, punk, new wave, preppie, yuppie, and other styles. They crave recognition and acceptance from the reference group with whom they want to be identified.

Energy-robbing attitude that leads to self immobilization, self-defeating, and self-destructive behaviour. This attitude encourages ongoing irrational thinking and behaviour, resulting in personal stagnation, regression, and depression.

Driving force of some people for all actions in their lives. It plays a part in their choices concerning their education, career direction, work behaviour, achievement level, interpersonal and marital relationships, family and community life, and the ways in which they spend leisure time.

Act of giving to others more power than I give to myself over how I feel about myself. What the others say or feel about me is the determinant of how I feel about myself. I am completely at the mercy of others for how happy or sad I will be. My self-satisfaction and belief in myself is in their hands. Fear of rejection is the abdication of power and control over my own life.

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