Top 6 tips to making a fantastic first impression


First impressions count and they stick. It is true that people will make a decision about you in as little as 10 seconds to 3 minutes and that impression has very little to do with what you say. Making a great first impression isn’t as hard as what you might think.

We would like to share with you these top 6 tips to making a fantastic first impression:

1. Prepare yourself mentally
You wouldn’t walk into a job interview without rehearsing mentally. So preparing yourself, rather than focusing on all that could go wrong, why not imagine a scenario where you are confident, attractive and desirable.

2. Be positive, confident, open and approachable
You won’t come across as being confident and approachable unless you stand tall with head up, smile and make eye contact.

It doesn’t matter how nervous you are, here is something you can do.

Try this – Lift your chin up, look straight ahead, raise your shoulders until they touch your ears then roll them back trying to push your shoulders blades together. You are not only standing taller, but have given yourself an instant chest-lift.

The quickest way to appear confident is to make eye contact and smile:)

3. Look the part
Looking the part means putting your best foot forward whenever and wherever you go, and taking advantage of every opportunity. Remember to act confidently, be respectful, friendly and make the most of what you have got.

4. Don’t be afraid of small talk
Next time you are stuck for something to say bear this in mind, people won’t remember what you said, it’s how you make them feel that counts. So instead of trying to dazzle them with your wit, show them you are interested.

5. Don’t think too much
If you find yourself wondering about what to say next or whether your bum looks big in your jeans, your are thinking too much and it’s time to shift your focus to the other person.

6. Focus on the other person
If you are feeling a little scared, chances are they are feeling the sae way, even if they appear confident. The reality is, whether you are male or female most people feel nervous chatting to someone they don’t know, especially when they are attracted to them.

If you put your energy into making them feel more comfortable, by really listening to what they have to say, being interested and showing them that you like them through your body language, actions and words, you will not only appear more confident and genuine but they will also find you more irresistible. Now, that’s a great first impression, (not to mention a great way o take the pressure off yourself)

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