Thriving thirties


February, 2011

Well, you are in your thirties now. What an exciting period! Living in your thirties is about “more.” You now have more of an idea of who you actually are; you have more money; more friends; more free time; and much more opportunities now to find someone special. Having all the more resources to pursue your relationship goals, why are you still single? Here are some of our suggestions why:

You are choosing to be single – whether you can admit it or not. It all starts with you acknowledging that you are single because you are choosing to be – at least at some conscious or subconscious level.

You are not really being proactive in pursuing your relationship goals; and thus you need to start developing a vision for your future.

You may secretly wish to meet your life partner, but have developed tons of irrational excuses and imaginary obstacles to prevent you from finding love.

You want your life partner to magically appear without any action or effort on your part. This is more common than you would imagine. Get off your butt and find someone – that is the difference between those who find love and those that don’t.

You may attract the wrong kind of person and thus have developed some dysfunctional patterns of dating. You may fear disappointment and maybe carrying too much relationship baggage. Tell yourself, “the past is past – I’m now going to focus on the present.”

You are overly critical when screening potential partners, to the point that you never really getting to know someone.

You may need to work with a Relationship Consultant to identify your relationship needs, wants, and requirements; as well as, getting resourced on effective dating. It may also be necessary to get input from a professional or friends/families as to what potential obstacles (unseen by you) are preventing you from being successful in dating. There is nothing wrong with getting feedback from others – it is not weakness – it is actually empowering, if we let it.

Your thoughts control your emotions, which effects your decisions. If you believe that you are unworthy of a good partner, then you are. However, if you believe you are worthy, then you will attract the right person.

Now you know. You know you have more resources to find love than you used to in your twenties; and from this article you know have more information to empower you to be proactive. So what is stopping you?

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