The Smile Files


Learn why a genuine, healthy smile is great for you and your dating future!

What a Smile Says About You
Your smile is one of the very first things others notice about you and says a lot about your approachability factor. Did you know that there are over 50 types of smiles…ranging from elation to flirtation?

Hello There!
With women, direct eye contact combined with an upturned smile can be an invitation to conversation. And men are much more likely to approach a girl with a gorgeous grin and a happy vibe, obviously.

The Proof’s in the Pearly Whites
Want to have a successful, long-term relationship? Then look at your partner’s high school year book photos! Recent research out of DePauw University found that those with big smiles in early school photos were still married today. Non-smilers, meanwhile, had a one in four divorce rate.

The Sexy Smile
Another dating secret: a man’s full-fledged grin, teeth sparkling combined with a raised brow is usually a green-light, full-speed ahead sign that a man is open to overtures.

Player? The Partial Smile …
A half-smile or partial smile from a man just might mean he isn’t looking for anything too serious. Proceed with caution!

The Attraction Factor
Unless you’re Simon Cowell, it’s almost impossible not to return a smile when greeted with one–especially if the smile is paired with those crinkly lines around the person’s eyes. Ladies, you may fret about hiding those lines, calling them crows’ feet, but they’re actually a huge clue as to whether or not you’re being sincere. Dubbed “Duchenne” lines by the man who discovered them, they’re the biggest sign of a person’s sincerity and are nearly impossible to fake.

Lighten — and Brighten Up
You’re sure to grin even brighter when you have fantastic white teeth. A whitened smile can boost one’s confidence levels, thus attracting more potential love matches.


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