Overcome the fear of rejection


We have shared with you last week what the fear of rejection is. Now we would like to share with you some simple ways to overcome the fear of rejection.

1. Remember that you suffer more from not asking. You can survive a rejection, even 20 rejections. But if you consistently don’t ask, you’ll get only what life hands you. And in a world in which most people go after what they want, you’ll be stuck with the leftovers. Now that’s something to be scared of.

2. Picture the benefits. How would your life be better if you asked and got what you wanted? Keep a tangible list or picture of those benefits in front of you for motivation.

3. Learn from rejection. After each rejection, try to get feedback to improve what you have done; then your odds of success will improve with every rejection.
4. Set small daily goals. Good things happen to those who act. Set a goal for yourself, for example, that you’ll get three rejections a day. You’ll find that the pursuit of rejections reduces their pain, and along the way, you’ll likely get yeses.

5. Remind yourself of a time you were successful. That may give you the confidence to try again.

6. Tell your loved ones you’re going to ask. You’ll feel more accountable and less inclined to back out.

7. Be in the moment. Just focus on pitching well. Don’t worry about whether it will work — you can’t control that. Remember that one yes negates many nos. Over your lifetime, you’ll get many more yeses and thus have a better life than the millions of sheep who were too afraid to ask.

8. Now force yourself. Feel the fear, take few deep breaths and ask anyway. If the person says no, ask someone else. If he says no, ask yet another person. Moderate persistence is key to having the life you want instead of the life that fell into your lap.

How do you overcome your fear of rejection, share with us at serene@thechoice.co.nz

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