Mistakes Smart Singles Make


Doesn’t matter how smart you are, singles make some pretty incredible mistakes navigating the sea of love!

Here are top ten most incredible mistakes smart singles make when dating that often kill the relationship before it has the opportunity to get off the ground. Are you guilty of any? Find out!

1. Singles keep looking for someone to make them happy when it’s their job to make himself/herself happy.

2. Singles fail to build a life they really enjoy because they never take the time to learn what is meaningful and fulfilling to them, and what brings them joy.

3. Singles stay in relationships that aren’t working because:

– They don’t want to be alone, or

– They keep hoping they can make it better

4. Singles push love away because they aren’t emotionally prepared for a relationship. They have too much “baggage” from the past; they never grow up.

5. Singles rely on destiny and luck instead of working on themselves and pursing a relationship.

6. Singles don’t learn from their mistakes.

7. Singles keep procrastinating about their personal lives, they don’t go out enough.

8. Singles never decide or become aware of what they really want and need in a long-term relationship. So their decisions are based on superficial criteria.

9. Singles often spend a lifetime looking for perfection instead of building a good relationship with another normal person.

10. Singles get stuck. They don’t “move-on,” they try and protect themselves emotionally instead of taking reasonable risks . . . so life never changes.

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