Living An Attractive Life

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Neal Talbot, August 2011


One of the most powerful things you can do to improve your dating results is live an attractive life. It draws interest, it builds intrigue, it shows confidence, it makes people wish they could trade places with you… or at least be a part of your life.

An attractive life is one full of adventure, passion, excitement, intrigue and positive energy. And best of all… it is a lifestyle anyone who wants it can have. All it takes is a slight attitude adjustment and attractive life can be yours.

The key to building an attractive life is to get off the couch and start doing all the things you’ve been meaning to do. To make memories – not watch movies. If you’ve been itching to learn how to dance, travel somewhere new or experience some excitement make it happen.

An attractive life is active – not passive. It is lively – not lackadaisical. It will take some energy and effort, but it is what will keep your life exciting and, at the same time, help set you apart from all the other singles in the dating world.

Those who live an attractive life often share five unique qualities. Each is easy to implement, enact and enjoy. And each is guaranteed to make your life that much more attractive.


A positive attitude

Positive people have a positive effect of the world. They see opportunity and excitement where others see only things to complain about and reasons to be depressed. They welcome the world with a smile and always look on the bright side of things knowing everything in life seems better when you have a positive mindset.

People are naturally attracted to those with a positive attitude because they make us feel good about ourselves and the world around us. They make us feel special. They offer us positive re-enforcements. They make us feel stronger, sexier in their presence. And life seems so much easier when you’re with someone with a positive attitude.


A passion for action

If you have the chance to do something different, exciting and interesting – don’t let it pass you by. Life is so much more enjoyable if you do. Live life to the fullest my testing your limits, being confident enough to make yourself vulnerable, and do all those things you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t got around to yet.

By not letting life pass you by – and getting out there and enjoying yourself – you improve the quality of your life and increase the chances of meeting someone you will be able to share that life with. The more things you do the more people you will meet and the greater chance that you’ll meet someone special.


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A willingness to be vulnerable

To make life exciting you have to take some risks. You’re going to have to be confident enough to make mistakes. You can’t worry about always being perfect or always being cool. You have to be willing to be vulnerable if you’re truly going to enjoy life. That willingness is what breeds confidence and fearlessness.

To place yourself in new situations, you have to accept the fact you will be vulnerable. And once you overcome that fear, there is no new situation you can face. And often your self-confidence skyrockets because of the experience of conquering new challenges. So enjoy new challenges and don’t worry about being perfect.


A social conscience

People are attracted to those who make an effort to make the world a better place. It makes you look human. It makes you look caring. It makes you look like someone who could handle having a family. Making a difference in your community makes a huge difference in how attractive your life appears to others

Whether it’s coaching youth basketball down at the YMCA, volunteering at a homeless shelter or helping build homes with Habitat for Humanity, making an effort to help others is always ultra-attractive to other singles. So feel good about helping others and help improve your dating stock at the same time.


Not letting your job define you

Your job is what you do – not who you are. And no job should be a 24/7, 365 days-a-year commitment. You have to find time for yourself or you risk having no personal identity. Singles are attracted to personality not resumes. So be sure to impress them with your social skills long before they discover what you do.

An attractive life is so much more than financial security. It is about enjoying life to its fullest. Those who live an attractive life can separate themselves from work. They talk about their passions in life – not about what they do at work. Those with attractive lives learn to leave work at work and enjoy your life once they clock out.



An attractive life is all about activity. It’s about tossing off the shackles of boredom and doing something exciting, engaging and rewarding. So if you want to live a more attractive life turn off the TV and start improving your life and the lives of those in your community. An attractive life is within your hands.