Comfort Zone Trap


Are You Caught in the Comfort Zone Trap? Learning to Embrace Change!

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

If you subscribe to the philosophy behind this statement, then you have a good chance of avoiding certain changes that come your way. But you’ll also miss out on all kinds of growth and success.

Whether we’re talking about our career, our dating world, or our personal life, change is necessary if we want to grow and evolve. Sure, it can be scary. Especially when we’ve settled into a comfort zone that feels pretty good. But even if we don’t want to admit it, most of us recognize the truth that change is required for growth and success.

So why not embrace it? Here are six reasons to embrace change and be willing to move beyond your comfort zone.

You might discover something new that you really like.
In Dr. Seuss’s classic children’s book Green Eggs and Ham, the main character spends the entire book trying to convince Sam-I-Am that he doesn’t like green eggs and ham. (You remember: He won’t eat them in a house, he won’t eat them with a mouse.) But at the end of the book, he tries them and finds that he actually loves green eggs and ham so much that he will now eat them on a train and in the rain and in a box and with a fox.

Don’t miss out on something you might end up loving, just because it seems new and different. Embrace your inner Sam-I-Am and be open to something you’ve never tried before.

You might discover a new part of yourself that you really like.
What if there are whole parts of yourself that you’re not even aware of yet? New talents and abilities, new parts of your personality for people to enjoy. By putting yourself in new situations and exposing yourself to new experiences, you just might discover that you’re even more likeable (or admirable or interesting or whatever) than you ever realized. But you won’t find out until you take a leap or two and see what those new experiences uncover about yourself.

Change keeps us alive.
A flowing river sustains life. A stagnant pool kills everything within it. Don’t be a stagnant pool. If you shut yourself off from all change and try to avoid experiencing anything new, parts of you will eventually wither and die. There’s a real “use it or lose it” component to who we are as human beings, so make sure that you’re using as much of yourself as possible, so you don’t lose whole aspects of who you are.

Change is worth any downside it brings.
Yes, change often presents certain disadvantages and problems. That’s one reason so many people get stuck in their comfort zones. But the growth and success that come with change are worth the pain and obstacles you have to overcome. By challenging yourself and taking on new experiences as they present themselves, you are choosing a life that, while it may offer some pain and discomfort, is full of adventure and growth.

Growing and changing people are attractive to others.
Interesting people are attractive people. A person who is always learning and growing, with fascinating subjects and experiences to talk about, is someone other people want to be around. We’re not saying that what you already have in your present comfort zone isn’t interesting as well. But why not take what you already offer, and add to it with all that you learn by embracing change? Doesn’t it seem logical that people would then find you even more interesting and appealing?

The world around you is changing.
The final reason to accept change is because even if you don’t choose it, it’s coming anyway. It’s inevitable. And when you resist it, you set yourself up for failure. On the other hand, when you embrace it, you open up new paths towards growth and success.

None of this means that you shouldn’t hold to what you believe. Hold firm to who you are, and to what you know to be true. But as you do, remain open to new situations and experiences. Because after all, sometimes a life that doesn’t seem broken, might still benefit from a little bit of fixing.




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